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Discover Jaisalmer's Majestic Desert Landscapes

From the rolling sand dunes to the vibrant local cultures, our safari packages immerse you in the heart of Jaisalmer’s desert life. Each offering is an invitation to explore, experience, and engage with the timeless beauty of our surroundings. Start your desert exploration journey here.

Our Packages

Explore Our Exciting Desert Safari Packages

Dive into a world of adventure with our specially curated, unforgettable desert experiences.

Tourist Safari

Full desert immersion with camel rides, sunset viewing, cultural shows, and overnight luxury tent stay.

Tourist Safari

Two-day experience with village visits, artisan interactions, sunrise viewing, and traditional Rajasthani meals.

Non-Tourist Safari

Action-packed day with dune bashing, sandboarding, quad biking, and an evening BBQ under the stars.

Tourist Safari

A calm, less crowded desert experience including camel rides, sunset yoga sessions, star-gazing, and a simple open-fire dinner.

Non-Tourist Safari

A full day in the desert learning survival skills such as navigation, finding water, identifying edible plants, and building a shelter.

Non-Tourist Safari

Guided tour for photography enthusiasts, visiting prime photo spots during sunrise, sunset, and night, with professional workshops.

Our service your satisfaction

At Camel Caravan, we prioritize your satisfaction above all else. We strive to deliver exceptional desert experiences that resonate with your adventurous spirit, ensuring that each moment you spend with us transcends your expectations. Your pleasure is our passion and our ultimate reward.

Unique Desert Experiences

Delight in extraordinary journeys across scenic desert landscapes.

Historical Insight

Deepen your understanding of regional history with guided tours.

Local Cuisine

Savor the taste of traditional meals, unique to the desert.

Mesmerizing Sunsets

Experience the breathtaking beauty of sunsets over golden sand dunes.

Comfortable Stay

Enjoy a comfortable and serene night under the starlit sky.

Professional Guides

Gain valuable insights with the help of skilled local guides.