2 Nights 3 Days Desert with Border

2 Nights 3 Days Desert with Border Package Information

Discover the allure of the desert over 2 Nights and 3 Days with Camel Caravan Tours. Our journey takes you deep into the golden dunes and up to the fascinating borderlands. Experience local life, and timeless customs, and soak in captivating landscapes that only get more beautiful as the days pass.

Highlights of This Tour

Tour Itinerary

  • Upon your arrival at the Golden City of Jaisalmer, a representative from Camel Caravan Tours will greet you and guide you to your hotel. Once you’re comfortably checked in, we’ll initiate a full day’s exploration of the city.
  • Your knowledgeable guide will lead you to the Sonar Fort, a magnificent structure erected from yellow sandstone, its golden hues lending it the name ‘Sonar’ (Gold) Kila. To truly appreciate Jaisalmer’s historical treasures, we’ll venture to renowned havelis (mansions). The five-story Patwa Haveli and Nathmal Haveli splendidly demonstrate the affluence that rightly assigns Jaisalmer its ‘Golden City’ title.
  • A designated lunch spot awaits you (inclusive in the package), following which we proceed to more city attractions. We’ll visit Gadisar Lake (optional boat ride, subject to availability) and the Desert National Park. After a day of exploration, we’ll return you to your heritage/boutique hotel for a restful overnight stay.
  • Starting your day with a wholesome breakfast at the hotel (included in the package), you’re ready to explore Jaisalmer’s bustling local market. Renowned for its vibrant array of handicrafts, including apparel, shoes, bags, and various handmade decorative items, the market thrives with color and intricate craftsmanship.
  • Your lunch venue will be guided/suggested based on your preferences. Post-lunch, the tour moves towards a unique chapter of the journey – the visit to the abandoned Kuldhara Village. Once a prosperous settlement of locals and wealthy merchants, it now stands in ruins, often referred to as the Ghost Village of Jaisalmer due to the mystery surrounding its desertion.
  • The safari ride succeeding the village tour will bring you to the desert camping site. Welcomed traditionally, you’ll refresh with tea/snacks before mounting a camel for an expedition into the sand dunes. This one-hour camel ride, with the setting sun painting the sky in mesmerizing hues, is regarded as one of Jaisalmer’s most beautiful experiences.
  • Returning from the safari, a bonfire-lit night awaits at the campsite, filled with the harmonious tunes of folk music and dance performances that illuminate the evening. As you enjoy your meal, the fire’s glow and rhythmic tunes will liven the atmosphere.
  • You’ll spend the night in luxury Swiss tents, providing a memorable under-the-stars experience, painting your stay in Jaisalmer with unforgettable hues.
  • Once you’ve enjoyed a hearty breakfast, we’ll facilitate your return to Jaisalmer. But before wrapping up this tour, another insightful adventure awaits. The journey begins with a visit to the famous Tanot Mata Temple. Not only is this temple cherished by the locals, but it also holds significance among army personnel of all faiths due to its miraculous role during the Indo-Pak war of 1965.
  • Following the temple tour, you’ll be ushered towards the International Border Post between India and Pakistan, maintained and monitored by the Border Security Forces of India (BSF). Witnessing the expansive, 1000 km long border fencing is indeed a thrilling spectacle, especially when viewed from the watchtower.
  • Next, the itinerary takes you to the Longewala Museum. Accompanied by an experienced tour manager, you’ll explore this stirring site, where stationary Pakistani Army tanks stand as testaments to a hard-fought war and India’s triumph. The museum exhibits aircraft, tanks, armaments, and other significant articles, complete with an audio-visual gallery providing detailed historical context.
  • As the day draws to a close, we’ll drop you off at your designated location, marking the end of this enriching tour with Camel Caravan Tours.
  • Note: For the border visit, advance booking notification is necessary as entry is granted only after securing permission from the BSF.

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