Overnight Camel Safari

Overnight Camel Safari Package Information

Dive into the depths of the Thar Desert with Camel Caravan Tour’s Overnight Camel Safari. This immersive adventure whisks you away from the city lights of Jaisalmer, immersing you in the majestic tranquility of desert life, under a blanket of stars. Experience local culture, enchanting landscapes, and unforgettable camel treks.

Highlights of This Tour

Tour Itinerary

  • Experience the magic of Rajasthan’s golden dunes in secluded spots with Camel Caravan Tour’s unique approach to desert exploration. We’ll collect you from a predetermined location and drive you straight to the haunting Kuldhara Village. This deserted heritage site, once a thriving community, now stands empty, and you’ll uncover the mysteries behind its ghostly reputation during your guided tour.
  • Next, you’ll be transported to the starting point of your exhilarating Camel Safari, a journey into Jaisalmer’s breathtaking dunes. As you traverse this remarkable landscape, the captivating sunset will create indelible memories. The safari culminates at our desert camp, reached via camel ride, capturing the perfect end to a thrilling day.

Begin your day with a delightful breakfast in the early morning. Following this, a representative from Camel Caravan Tours will escort you back to the city.

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